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To ensure the efficiency and security of your business in the UAE, we recommend selecting a company structure that aligns with your business requirements:

Domestic or International Operations: Depending on whether you intend to conduct business within or outside the UAE.

Client Focus: Tailoring your business towards serving corporate clients or personal clients.

Industry Specifics: Whether your business operates within sectors such as trade, finance, information technology, or any other industry.

All these considerations necessitate the establishment of legal solutions that adhere to the laws and regulations of the UAE.

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Free Zone

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Free Zone - "Easy & Fast" solution

- Simple and fast registration of a company

- A wide range of activities

- A simplified form of reporting and taxation

free zone


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Mainland - Conduct business in UAE

- Ensures a prosperous future in your business activities and professional ventures

- Enhanced business solutions & broad scope of trade

- 100% ownership and zero trade restrictions



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Offshore - Privacy solution

- Allows you to run business with financial privacy and safety

- Flexible jurisdictions & locations

- Preservation of the confidentiality of the business and its beneficiaries



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