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Opening a bank account in the United Arab Emirates can offer benefits, depending on your business goals and requirements.

The UAE is known for its business-friendly environment and strategic location, making it an attractive destination for businesses from around the world.

Bank accounts are protected by UAE Central Bank Law.

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Personal account

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Reliable and wide opportunities
for you personally

- Choosing the most comfortable solution that meets your requirements for confidentiality, efficiency of use and profitability of your capital

- Opening a personal account in banks in the UAE and other jurisdictions

- Opening of personal investment accounts

personal account

Corporate account

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Trustable & reliable banking partner for your business

- Your company fund protection

- Appealing Interest Rates

- Foreign & local transactions with no restrictions

corporate account

Offshore bank account

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Tax free & privacy solution

- Global business operations & business expansion

- Tax optimization & assets protection

- Wide investment opportunities



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