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In order for you to focus on realizing your projects, our experts will take the responsibility of providing your back office for your personal and business operations.

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audit report

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Professional financial assistance during your business journey

- Annual mandatory financial statements and business analysis.

- Overview of the Company's financial performance and activities over a specific fiscal year

- Assess the company's financial health and make informed decisions

annual audit

Accounting &

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Detailed accounting record of your business

- Analysis and classification of financial transactions on the basis of provided documents

- Profit and loss statement, cash flow statement

- VAT return submission

corporate account

Support of operational banking activities

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Support of stable financial activity of your company

- Support of ongoing work with the bank

- Constant communication with the partner bank

- Representation of your interests in the supervisory authorities of state bodies


License amendment & renewal

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Fast and easy company renewal and amendment

- Effective company amendment as per business needs

- Online renewal and amendment services

- Compliance documents support



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